Amanda & Kyle |Engaged

Sometimes, we have to cancel or reschedule a session because of weather. Other times, the weather works in our favor and provides a beautiful setting for a session. Weather is always a factor in the outcome of a photo session. Thankfully, the weather worked in our favor in a big way! These engagement photos were taken the week between Christmas and New Years! The weather was mild and warm and the afternoon sun didn't disappoint! Amanda is my husband's beautiful cousin. She and Kyle were engaged this fall and are planning a wedding around Kyle's military schedule. Kyle was home for a short break over Christmas so we had to fit in this shoot. The two of them were so natural in every photo! I love how you can see the sweet love and affection between them. We're excited to welcome Kyle into our family...whenever they can pick a date :) amanda_kyle_17amanda_kyle_16amanda_kyle_15amanda_kyle_13amanda_kyle_12amanda_kyle_11amanda_kyle_10amanda_kyle_9amanda_kyle_8amanda_kyle_7amanda_kyle_6amanda_kyle_5amanda_kyle_4