Warner | Six Months

Although it wasn’t just precious Warner present for his 6 month session as a part of his Baby’s First Year Bundle, his blue eyes, gorgeous red hair, and adorable smile sure stole the show on more than one occasion! Along with his two sisters, we trekked through this beautiful park and had the perfect evening for family photos! I’ve loved working with this family since Audrey, their oldest was just an infant! So thankful for families like this one - and happy to provide memories like these to remind them of how fast these kids grow! But seriously, can you believe this eyes?!


The Barnes Family - Documentary Session

In the last few years, I've found what types of photography makes me energized and excited to book a client and capture images that I know they'll love. Documentary sessions, also known as "lifestyle" sessions are one of the areas that I have grown more and more in love with thanks, in part, to my personal monthly photo project - Project TEN. This session was one that Rae called me about doing and I was excited at the chance to just hang out with their family - all four cute kids - in their typical Saturday evening fashion. Chris and Rae made homemade pizza with the help of their kiddos, and Rae even let the kids wear whatever they want (which I know was hard for her to do seeing that she's a photographer and used to coordinating outfits for sessions). We cooked and ate dinner, played in the backyard (in their awesome playhouse) and then I got to witness the Barnes' family bedtime routine - including all 6 of them in the bathroom to brush teeth.

The Bahgat Family

In my line of work, I encounter families and kids of all types! Some kids cooperate and smile nicely during a session. And, although rare, some hate the entire thing and we pretty much have to hope we catch a moment of connection with parent and that child to make a photo fantastic. Some kids start off very cold and don't want much to do with the camera, and after about 18 seconds of me making a fool of myself or layin' it on thick with my gummy bear bribery, they warm right up and become THE MOST COOPERATIVE CHILDREN EVER! That was Lyla. Photo number one, as you see below, she wasn't amused by all my noises and tricks. But in the blink of an eye she pulled out this ahhhhhmmmaaaazing smile that stuck around for the entire session! Enjoy this "belly" portion of this Belly & Baby Bundle from last fall of the Bahgat family (still just the three of them). And stay tuned for more from the "baby" portion of the bundle that took place over the winter!