Project TEN | September-December 2017

This post is proof that having an infant puts most personal projects on the back burner when attempting to return back to client work and meet deadlines for Christmas cards. This is also proof that I picked up my camera just as much as I used to and made sure the first few months of our baby boy's life was well documented (you can see more of my personal work on my personal instagram @katiehall). September - the start of school and daily homework. It was also the month I realized Theo is growing before my eyes so I had to capture even his sweet naptime.

October - festive fall events and LOTS of leaves in our new backyard. Made for lots of leaf blowing for Matt but LOTS of fun for the girls.

November - the start of the holidays and Theo's first overnight stay in the hospital for upper respiratory issues.

December - such a magical time with a new baby. The girls have adored having Theo in the house and Christmas morning was no exception. So thankful for these sweet times with my little family as well as a visit from my grandparents to meet all the latest additions to our extended family!

I am already working on January's Project TEN post so be on the lookout for more consistent posts in the new year!

Project TEN | August 2017

Introducing, the newest addition to Project Ten - our son, Theodore Matthew Hall. We welcomed 10 pound 12 ounce (yes, you read that correctly) Theo on July 21st and have loved every ounce of him ever since. The little face that we only imagine we would see, after a long road of infertility and pregnancy loss, has stolen our hearts and our attention day in and day out. You can see more of the birth of Theo here by our amazing birth photographer and friend, Cait Jensen. Welcoming this little boy into our family has been wonderful and difficult all at the same time. Sleepless nights and adjusting to the new pace of life with a newborn while still occupying two little girls during the hot summer months before school begins has proved difficult. Things like showering and sometimes eating (and definitely taking photos) fall to the wayside and nursing and rocking and shooshing take over. I mostly sit on the couch cuddling our sweet boy while texting the other mamas (6 of my friends, to be exact, who delivered babies in a 3 week time period) about nursing habits and how much sleep they got the night before. It's all been a little bit of a blur but I've already reached the 3 week mark and thought "it's going too fast."

I will always be thankful for this project for pushing me to look for and capture moments of the mundane that will one day make my heart ache to remember the little sounds of a newborn, the R sounds that sound like W's of my middle child, and the cackle laugh of my oldest when she plays with her sister.

Sweet moments in the early hours of the morning and the early hours of new life.


Our little man with alllllll the hair.

Big sister who protects her brother and soothes him with a sweet, soft voice when he's crying. And when I ask her to do me a favor and "go get mommy a few more diapers" she runs away and says "Super cat speed!"


Forgoing another bite of breakfast to love on her little brother.


Tiny baby parts.

If you could hear the sounds of this photo you'd hear the softest and sweetest version of "I See the Moon" being sung.

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Project TEN | July 2017

Long, summer days at the beach that lead to salty, curly hair.  Backyard sprinkler fun.  Splurging on rides and ice cream -- anything to pass the time before we welcome a newborn into the family. Moments and details and feelings I don't want to forget when I don't have the hours of sleep to help me retain it all. Relishing the last few moments we have just the four of us.

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