Project Ten | August

This outcome of this month was very different than the plan for this month. The last 30 days have brought pain and redeeming joy in the same moment. Laughter and crying in the same sentence. I've seen hurt and unhindered hope in my children's eyes. I've felt vulnerability and healing one minute after the next. The last month as caused me to breathe what can only be attributed to Jesus Christ working in our lives. We've walked through the torturous journey of miscarriage for the third time in our marriage - but this time, we had two young spectators. And although the last month has brought some of the hardest days we've had in a long time, I'm thankful for how it has shaped us and will continue to define our family. These two sweet girls pictured below have given me a new perspective on what God can do in our lives. When I felt sorrow for the loss of a baby, they felt joy hearing their siblings were in heaven with Jesus. When I was consume by my loss, they shifted my gaze to what God could still provide for us that is even better. Their faith is magical. It's inspiring. Below are some of the healing and magical moments we've spent with Maelynn and Adleigh this month.