Project TEN | August 2016

Yes, I know it's already September. Yes, I know the post title says "August". What's the deal? Well, last month on the tenth, I was in the middle of the Canadian wilderness with no internet or telephone access. I traveled with 27 others from my church to the Algonquin Provincial Park where we spent the week paddling, portaging, and camping. We carried only the essentials for nutrition and comfort since everything we brought, we carried on our backs. And what's more essential than my camera (and really heavy telephoto lens)?! Yes, it was heavy. And, yes, it was worth it. My ten photos for August provide a very small glimpse into the week I spent in the wilderness. KHC_0104 copy

A friendly site at the end of everyday. Camp. Rest. Food.

KHC_0813 copy

The water was so clean and clear.

KHC_0838 copy

The evenings skies never failed to provide us with beautiful sunsets.

KHC_0884 copy

This particular day, we traveled as group. All 28 of us. All 13 boats. It was quite an awesome site to turn around and see this group following behind me.

KHC_1006 copy

More beautiful than the evening skies was witnessing relationships being built and strengthened.

KHC_9959 copy

KHC_9975 copy

KHC_1021 copy

A moment of contemplation before one of our most challenging days.

KHC_1249 copy

This was the rest after our most challenging day. There was not much better than the relaxing sounds of this spot. My hammock was hanging half over the water alongside others from the trip. Great friendships made in these hammocks.

KHC_1432 copy Our voyage out of the wilderness. This was about 5:45 am on the last day - the only day we had bad weather. AND, most of the group had a sleepless night due to an overnight visit from a 7 foot black bear. Although everyone was safe, the extended stay of the bear (that we affectionately named "Cliff" due to his particular liking to one of the guys stash of Cliff Bars) required the guys campsite to be evacuated early in the morning. I woke up at 4am to the sound of 18 men/boys around the fire on our campsite which was when I was informed of the visitor across the lake. When the sun came up, we traveled back to the guys campsite to clean up the mess from the bear and pack up camp to head out. It was such an eerie morning paddle but was still so beautiful!

Project Ten is made up of a group of very talented photographers who are determined to document their own lives and not just the lives of their clients. Ten photos from our everyday lives on the tenth of every month. Check back monthly and be sure to check out all the other extremely talented women below!

My Fellow Project Ten 2016 Participants: Paula RichwineCait JensenLisa O’BrienRebecca BenderParker Slaton, Rae Barnes, Erin GregersonKelly Lapp, Kate NealEmily Troutman, and Heather Butler.