Project Ten | December

Well, I've made it to December. Ten photos a month of what's going on in my world for all of 2015. No client work. Just my life--mostly my kids. It's been such an awesome experience collecting these photos from month to month. I've been challenged a ton and have learned a lot about my shooting style as well as what energizes me as a photographer. I have a fantastic view of what happened this year in the form of photos that I love of people and things that I love. We have exciting things planned for this little project for 2016 so be sure to keep following this group of ten ladies.

Thank you for taking a peek into my world with this project and encouraging me.

Without further ado, here are my ten for December including a trip to Clemson to visit Matt's cousin Brandon who is an assistant coach for the Tigers, a quick visit with some of our favorite (and funniest) people we know, an overnight trip to New York City (one of my favorite places to visit), and the standard Christmas traditions that come in December. <3

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ProjectTEN consists of myself and my friends from across the country – Paula Richwine (DE), Rae Barnes (PA), Kelly Lapp (PA), Parker Slaton (DE), Claire Bunn (PA), Rebecca Bender (IA), Cait Jensen (PA), Lisa O’Brien (MA), and Lisa Turner (TN). If you would like to follow our little project, be sure to check out all these talented ladies and become a fan on of theirs on Facebook!