Project Ten | February

Here is the second installment of ProjectTEN and the images I selected that I took of my everyday life over the last month. This month proved harder. The weather makes it hard to get outside often and let the girls run wild and there are only so many spaces in my house where I can find pretty light while they're doing something photo worthy. I don't set these up. I see my girls playing, coloring...or going potty in this case, and try and solve the problem of light, composition, storytelling, etc. This has been hard but I know it will be worth it in December when I've posted my last 10 and can look back and remember every moment that was stopped in time. ProjectTEN consists of myself and my friends from across the country – Paula Richwine (DE), Rae Barnes (PA), Kelly Lapp (PA), Parker Slaton (DE), Claire Bunn (PA), Rebecca Bender (IA), Cait Jensen (PA), Lisa O’Brien (MA), and Lisa Turner (TN). If you would like to follow our little project, be sure to check out all these talented ladies and become a fan on of theirs on Facebook!




ProjectTEN includes: