Project Ten | February 2016

Stuck inside for another month of photos. I had grand plans for amazing photos in the snow (did you know we got 18 inches of snow this month?). But, my whiny children weren't having it. Being cold and tired preventing any sort of blizzard photo magic. Disney, I thought, would give me MORE than enough for my ten. Nope. Disney is no joke and it's HARD to even stand still for a moment, let alone bust out the big girl camera. So, we put off all other important work (and the very important naps) for some playtime on my bed. I used my remote trigger and even let the girls use the trigger to take some photos, too.

My bed is where we spend a lot of time, the three of us. My girls, like most kids, are often early risers. I am NOT a morning person. So, most mornings, we spend about 30-60 minutes laying in my bed. Sometimes we play and laugh. Sometimes they whine and fight. Sometimes they watch the iPad and I snooze. Sometimes they snack on dry cereal and I check emails. Mornings like this wont happen for much longer so I wanted to remember what our time snuggling and snoozing was like. What started as snuggling and stories quickly became goofball island. Jumping and falling and giggling. My girls are truly becoming best friends. I'm so thankful they have each other.


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Project Ten is made up of a group of very talented photographers who are determined to document their own lives and not just the lives of their clients. Ten photos from our everyday lives on the tenth of every month. Check back monthly and be sure to check out all the other extremely talented women below!

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