Project TEN | January

I'm so excited to join 9 other (incredibly) talented professional photographers - who just happen to all be mamas just like me - in a year-long project called ProjectTEN. We will each share 10 photos on the 10th of each month. They may be a series or they may random photos from the 30 days prior. That's the fun part - we made the rules :). Our goals are to pick up our cameras on a more regular basis to capture our everyday lives, practice our craft, and to stretch ourselves when it comes to shooting and post processing. We tend to focus our work solely on client work but I have found my personal work is what helps me grow the most. ProjectTEN consists of myself and my friends from across the country - Paula Richwine (DE), Rae Barnes (PA), Kelly Lapp (PA), Parker Slaton (DE), Claire Bunn (PA), Rebecca Bender (IA), Cait Jensen (PA), Lisa O'Brien (MA), and Lisa Turner (TN). If you would like to follow our little project, be sure to check out all these talented ladies and become a fan on of theirs on Facebook! I'm humbled to be working with such an amazing group of photographers!

Without further ado, I'm happy to share my ten images from January. **disclaimer** - a lot of my photos will be of my two daughters. :) Be sure to check back next month for more beautiful images from our group!



ProjectTEN includes: