Project TEN | January 2017

Year three! I am so thankful for this little project that has blossomed into a discipline and a joy that stretches me creatively and inspires me to see beauty in my everyday and to pick up my camera regularly. Some months are harder than others. A lack of outdoor activity or failing to pick up the camera before the sun goes down often leaves me in a time crunch to make images that I love. This month is no exception. Since my last post, we have moved to a new house, celebrated a birthday, celebrated Christmas, welcomed a New Year - all the while, I was battling first trimester sickness and exhaustion. I'll post more about my pregnancy journey at another time but wanted to include two images I love of my girls after they found out about their soon-to-be baby brother or sister, as well as the view I have often when they kiss and love on my belly. Just couldn't forget these moments! We are excited to add several new ladies to this project for 2017! Be sure to browse the links below for more Project Ten posts from some very talented photographers!

Rae Barnes (web|IG) | Kaylene Bain (web|fb) | Laura Burkholder (web) | Erin Gregerson (web) | Cait Jensen (web|fb) | Kelly Lapp (web|fb) | Paula Richwine (web|fb) | Parker Slaton (web) | Carolyn Woods (web|fb) |