Project TEN | June

This month finally brought consistent warm weather and some of the prettiest sunsets I've seen! Fantastic weather for backyard play, and strolling the boardwalk with family. I love this project because it's forcing me to see more beauty in the everyday. In the messy clothes and dirty fingernails. Even washing a car. These are moments I don't want to forget. I got to experiment with a new remote trigger that allowed me to get INTO the photos with my girls. This was an impromptu few moments as we drove by the field by our house. We were all a bit filthy from the day, it was past the girls bedtime, and I had a stress fracture making it difficult to trek through the field to get to just the right spot, but the sky was TOO gorgeous for me to keep driving. We enjoyed a little snuggle time and playtime and the girls kept talking about how they liked that I was taking pictures WITH them. The sweetest moment of the night, though, was sitting in the car as we watched the final light go down below the horizon. Such a good day.

ProjectTEN consists of myself and my friends from across the country – Paula Richwine (DE), Rae Barnes (PA), Kelly Lapp (PA), Parker Slaton (DE), Claire Bunn (PA), Rebecca Bender (IA), Cait Jensen (PA), Lisa O’Brien (MA), and Lisa Turner (TN). If you would like to follow our little project, be sure to check out all these talented ladies and become a fan on of theirs on Facebook!







Project TEN includes: