Project TEN | May 2016

I'm featuring some family members celebrating birthdays this month! My husband Matt celebrated on the 1st, my niece Leah celebrated on the 5th, my sister Amy celebrated yesterday on the 9th, and my nephew Henry turns two in just about a week! I kept telling my sister Laura that I loved seeing Henry come out of his shell a little more this visit. He played with the other kids, talked and laughed with us a ton more and just seemed to be so much more independent! I enjoyed getting him in some photos this month!

KHC_1869 copy

This is my sister's very social son, Samuel. Can't even take his eyes of people for long enough to nurse :)

KHC_1889 copy

I took a ton of photos of Samuel this day also - a lot of his big, sweet smile, but I loved this adorable moment between him and his mama. Laura is such a good mommy to these boys!

KHC_1906 copy

KHC_1931 copy

KHC_1983 copy

His is mid-"Happy Birthday to you" being sung to Leah on her 7th birthday. She is my sassy yet shy niece who doesn't love a lot of attention on her so I think she appreciated the moral support she got from Uncle Matt who cozied up beside her during the singing. :)

KHC_2043 copyKHC_2109 copy

My sister - Auntie Amy - who loves her nieces and nephews HARD and boy, do they love her too! This is Amy teaching Maelynn and Adleigh (all dolled up in their dress-up clothes) how to play with a Cat's Cradle string.

KHC_2232 copy

Trip to get some fro-yo. Adleigh's favorite.

KHC_5039 copy

Like, favorite. Good to the last drop.

KHC_5055 copy

This last photo is a bonus and a new feature you'll notice each post from here on out. Starting this month, the other girls and I are taking on an extra challenge to help us all focus on pushing ourselves creatively. Whether it's a particular subject matter or an element of design, we'll (hopefully) all be featuring one bonus photo each month with the same challenge. First off is repetition. This could probably fit better under the "line" element of design but the combo of the repeated spindles and the precious sleepy head peaking through made this photo work for me!


Project Ten is made up of a group of very talented photographers who are determined to document their own lives and not just the lives of their clients. Ten photos from our everyday lives on the tenth of every month. Check back monthly and be sure to check out all the other extremely talented women below!

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