Project TEN | September 2016

We're approaching two years of this project and I'm finding it harder and harder to get this done. But I refuse to quit. It took me all of 30 minutes today to find ten photos, edit them, and prep this post for publishing. Truth be told, I am buried in editing right now with no real end in sight. Fall is by far my busiest time for photography and while I am so appreciative of this job, I have to keep in focus what I love about taking photos. I don't do it for the paycheck. The paycheck is what makes me able to continue to learn and grow in my field. It pays for continuing education and updated equipment that allows me keep the quality of my work on point. And I'm grateful to contribute to the needs of my family while doing something I love. So if not for the money - what for?  I've had the strong realization this week, while watching dear friends who said goodbye to their mother and wife too soon according to our earthly perspective, that there may come a time in our lives that the photographs that clutter our drawers or clog up our hard drives become the some of the most precious things we have when it comes to remembering the lives we lived with the ones we loved. Today at her funeral, as I watched the slideshow of photos dating back to this sweet woman's infancy, intermixed with photos of her budding romance with her husband, to the adding to their family - one daughter at a time, to family vacations, holidays, grandchildren, and even simple everyday moments, I was so struck how important these frozen moments in time are in providing healing and comfort when we don't have those with us who appear in those photographs. Ask any one of the women who have participated in this project over the last two years - that even though it can be challenging some months to find the time to take out our cameras or even feel inspired to capture the everyday lives we lead, I don't think any of them would say they regret taking the pictures they have. The years pass too quickly. Our lives change without warning. I didn't want to miss this month especially knowing that these may be the images rotating through a slideshow sometime in the future that could bring comfort to some dear people in my life.

It's not the best set I've ever posted. I struggled to find ten that I liked. But, I'm about to press "publish" and I'll always be glad that I can look back and be reminded of how cute the girls looked on their first day of school together, how much they loved donuts and the skate park, and how hard they worked in the yard that day.

Thanks for reading.