ProjectTEN | June 2016

Summer is in full swing! We've spent a lot of time in our bathing suits and this week, we are actually on vacation with our friends in Corolla, North Carolina. We're having so much fun making memories and enjoying the beach and the beautiful weather. Even with the weather turned sour, we got the chance to go see a beautiful rainbow over the water!project10_june2016_web_01project10_june2016_web_02project10_june2016_web_03project10_june2016_web_04project10_june2016_web_05


Challenge photo: The other girls and I are taking on an extra challenge to help us all focus on pushing ourselves creatively. Whether it’s a particular subject matter or an element of design, we’ll (hopefully) all be featuring one bonus photo each month with the same challenge. This month, we selected CONTRAST as our challenge.  I had a few options for this challenge (some were a contrast of subject and others were more contrast in tone and color. Ultimately, I loved that the perspective of this photo along with the time of day and harsh light it brought, how it naturally highlighted my subject - my growing girl.


Project Ten is made up of a group of very talented photographers who are determined to document their own lives and not just the lives of their clients. Ten photos from our everyday lives on the tenth of every month. Check back monthly and be sure to check out all the other extremely talented women below!

My Fellow Project Ten 2016 Participants: Paula RichwineCait JensenLisa O’BrienRebecca BenderParker Slaton, Rae Barnes, Erin GregersonKelly Lapp, Kate NealEmily Troutman, and Heather Butler.