Project TEN | July 2017

Long, summer days at the beach that lead to salty, curly hair.  Backyard sprinkler fun.  Splurging on rides and ice cream -- anything to pass the time before we welcome a newborn into the family. Moments and details and feelings I don't want to forget when I don't have the hours of sleep to help me retain it all. Relishing the last few moments we have just the four of us.

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The Shea Family

What a joy to photograph this family! I woke up early a few weeks ago for drive to the beach to meet the Shea family. I have known Jamie, second daughter in the Shea family, for many years now and when she asked me about scheduling a session as Christmas gift to her parents, I was so excited! We laughed a LOT at this session which is very similar to my experiences with Jamie over the past few years. This family is fun loving and they take some pretty beautiful photos! I have honestly loved taking more extended family portraits over this last year. They're becoming more popular so it's fun to get to meet the whole family and watch for the fun interactions that are bound to happen during the session. Thanks, Shea family, for picking a gorgeous spot and for trusting me with your family photos. I hope you like them! shea_01