Ben & Lexi

Ben and Lexi. (deep sigh). I feel so giddy and thankful to be saying those names together. This couple is such a dear part of my life. Lexi has been a sweet friend for so long and she's grown to be more like a sister to me over the last few years. And, their story is so fun to tell! Set up by a mutual friend, Lexi, the easy-going girl found herself at a loss for figuring out her feelings (that were growing by the minute) for this guy who she didn't know even existed just a few months prior. After meeting Ben just once, he got a big stamp of approval from us (because I know that was required, right Lexi?). I am so excited to share their big day with them this fall and all the exciting events leading up to their wedding day, too! Thanks for letting me take your photos, guys! LOVE YOU! Grid_0167Grid_0168Grid_0169Grid_0170Grid_0171Grid_0172Grid_0173Grid_0174Grid_0175Grid_0176

Megan & Owen

The morning I spent with Megan and Owen didn't necessarily go as planned. It all started when we pulled into the location where we decided to meet only to find the gate close and locked. Yes, we were up early - but it never crossed my mind that we'd be too early for the park to open! So, graciously, Owen and Megan followed me to our super secret location plan B. I was taking a risk in taking a new client to place I had never shot before but we got SO lucky! I had driven by this empty field for several months trying to figure out when I could sneak around to take some photos. When Megan and Owen told me they were willing, I jumped at the chance. I couldn't be more pleased with the result in spite of our mishap earlier that morning. I was grateful to get to meet this sweet couple and I'm excited to share these photos with you!