The Streeter Family

Any day now, Ashleigh, Brandon, Chamberlain and Foard will be welcoming a new baby girl into their family! I knew I needed to post these before she made her appearance! We took these photos last month on a family vacation with my husbands extended family (which might as well be immediate family) and had a gorgeous evening with a gorgeous sunset. Enjoy! bran_ash_01bran_ash_02bran_ash_03bran_ash_04bran_ash_05bran_ash_06bran_ash_07bran_ash_08bran_ash_09bran_ash_10bran_ash_11bran_ash_12bran_ash_13bran_ash_14bran_ash_15bran_ash_16bran_ash_17

Willa Mae

When I met Dorothy and Mike, I was sworn to secrecy with the baby's name. We took some photos that I wasn't able to share until now that Willa has arrived. I got to meet this sweet little girl a few weeks ago and share a few hours with this sweet family in Willa's "woodland glam" nursery. It was adorable! Almost as adorable as sweet Willa Mae. We were also able to grab some photos with Mike's gear that turned out so cute! Here are a few photos leftover from Dorothy's maternity session and of sweet Willa Mae! willa_17willa_18willa_01willa_02willa_03willa_04willa_05willa_06willa_07willa_08willa_09willa_10willa_11willa_12willa_13willa_14willa_15willa_16

The Rosenberg Family

Little Miss Zoe wasn't so generous with her smiles when we started her shoot, but it didn't take much playing with mom and dad before she warmed right up. This sweet little girls just became a big sister - but before her little brother was born, we decided to take some family photos before their family of three grew by one more. I met Alyssa and Steve a year ago on one of the hottest days of the summer when Zoe was just about 6 months old. I was glad we had a beautiful summer morning to capture these moments for the Rosenbergs! I am excited to meet baby Benjamin soon! rosenburg_01rosenburg_02rosenburg_03rosenburg_04rosenburg_05rosenburg_06rosenburg_07rosenburg_08rosenburg_09rosenburg_10rosenburg_11rosenburg_12rosenburg_13

Dorothy & Mike | Maternity

I always feel lucky when my clients interact so naturally that all I have to do is snap away, and I'm left with beautiful images. You can't fake natural. Not only are these two SO in love (and it shows), they are also so thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl here any day! I'm excited to meet her, too! Dorothy and Mike had such a unique and special story - from how they met and got married, and now the story only gets better with the sweet addition of this baby! This shoot was held on the verge of the big spring blossom but the warm, evening sunlight combined with Dorothy's great style and beautiful smile all contributed to this beautiful shoot. payton_01payton_02payton_03payton_04payton_05payton_06payton_07payton_08payton_09payton_10payton_11payton_12payton_13payton_14payton_15payton_16payton_17