The Barnes Family

As a photographer, I have a list of goals that I seek to fulfill throughout my career. I look up to so many other photographers and have been blessed enough to learn from many of them who have been generous with their knowledge. Rae was one of those photographers. And, having admired her work for such a long time, when I received her email telling me she'd like to book me to photograph her family, you can imagine the flattery I felt. I was honestly SO nervous. But when I got to their home, I immediately felt at ease which I can credit to Rae & Chris' incredibly well-behaved kids. Taking these photos was a huge milestone for me. It may sound strange since it may seem just like a normal family session which I've photographed so many times. But, knowing Rae's eye for photography (not to mention the list of incredibly amazing photographers who she has hired in the past to photograph her family), I felt such honor and excitement to capture these memories as they welcomed their 4th child, Emily, into their family. So, without further ado, I give you the sweet, crazy, loving and adorable Barnes Family!Grid_0118Grid_0119Grid_0120Grid_0121Grid_0122Grid_0123Grid_0124Grid_0125Grid_0126Grid_0127Grid_0128Grid_0129Grid_0130Grid_0131Grid_0132Grid_0133Grid_0134Grid_0135Grid_0136Grid_0137Grid_0138Grid_0139Grid_0140