The Cid Family

What a privilege to photograph the Cid family. Jenn contacted me a few months back wanted to have some photos done of her family. Just weeks before that email arrived in my inbox, Jenn & Mark tragically lost their home in a fire. My heart was so broken for this family as I thought through how shaken their world must have felt. In the process of rebuilding, Jenn told me she wanted some new photos to put up in their temporary home until their house was rebuilt and they could call it home again. I was honored and so excited to do this for Jenn, Mark, Mariah and Bre. Watching the joy between this family, you'd never know the trials they have been walking through. It is evident in their trust in God, their love for each other, and the bond of family that goes far beyond the walls of a house. Thanks, Jenn, for letting me take you through the water and explore a beautiful new location that has become one of my favorites. I'll always remember with fondness the way these two girls bravely went wherever I asked them to in order to get the right photo. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! cid_002