The Jensen Family

Sending a gallery that I'm totally satisfied with is a great feeling. Producing images of a family that make me smile, giggle and say, "awwwwhhh" is why I do this job. What is even better than that is hearing from the client just minutes after I sent the gallery raving about the finished product. Cait and Jeff are a husband and wife team of amazing photographers from PA that I've known for awhile now. We started our friendship via email asking questions about photography and sharing input and tips with each other. A few years ago, I decided to have the Jensens take our family photos. Cait was pregnant with Lincoln and I had just had our youngest, Adleigh, about a month before. Your expectations are never very high when you have a very cranky newborn on a windy, cold day but the Jensens managed to capture some of our favorite family photos together as the 4 of us. Since then, we've bonded over raising children, growing as photographers, and our love for the same vacation spot (OCNJ). Even though this was the first time I met Lincoln in person, I felt like I knew him thanks to social media and the honesty and authenticity of his sweet mama on Facebook and Instagram. When I knew I would be photographing the Jensens, I have to admit, I was nervous. Whenever you photograph other photographers, the nerves kick in and you suddenly feel like second guessing your own talent and style. Thankfully they drove down to me where I was familiar with the location and light and I was able to confidently photograph this family in the playful style I love. Lincoln was in perfect form - offering smiles and giggles and natural toddler wonderment right on cue. I'm sure the location helped with keeping this little guy totally curious and willing to explore, but I was so impressed with this kid. Seeing that he has a camera in his face everyday being the child of 2 photographers, Lincoln never got sick of me and helped make this session a joy!

I am so grateful to Cait and Jeff for their belief in me and the way they trusted me to take their family photos. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with them and to look back on these photos. I love to capture moments more than portraits and I hope I accomplished that so they will always remember this fleeting time with their sweet boy before he grows!