The Richwines | Spring Mini Session

Ahhh, the Richwines. These pictures make me happy for so many reasons. Mostly because this family is one of my favorite families of all time. Paula and Adam are some of our best friends - the kind that do real (I mean, real) life with us. And when that real life is translated into a photo, (aka, crying baby, toddler who still wants his mommy's attention, spit up on sweet baby lips...) we have it cherish forever - you know, when we're years past potty training and spit up on our clothes and we can finally laugh about it. The day I shared all the photos with Paula, she assured me that she loved the realness of the pictures. It's a good reminder to take photos, my friends. Of every stage in life. Every hard, awesome, easy, fun and crazy stage. Love you, Richwines. richwine_spring_01richwine_spring_02richwine_spring_03richwine_spring_04richwine_spring_05richwine_spring_06richwine_spring_07richwine_spring_08richwine_spring_09richwine_spring_10