The Schlonecker Family

I was contacted by Andrea last year about purchasing a photo session for her parents for their birthday. Yes, they have the same birthday. I was pretty pumped because 1) I love when people view having their photos taken as a fantastic gift to give 2) I have known the Schlonecker family since I was in middle school. I spent many summers swimming in the Schlonecker's swimming pool. I went on vacation with them. Pastor Bill even married Matt and I in 2007. This session was FUN! Large family portrait sessions can be stressful at times but this group had fun! It was such an honor to get to photograph this growing family and seeing all the additions (son-in-laws and granddaughters) that make this group even more special. schlonecker_01schlonecker_02schlonecker_03schlonecker_04schlonecker_05schlonecker_06schlonecker_07schlonecker_08schlonecker_09schlonecker_10schlonecker_11schlonecker_12schlonecker_13schlonecker_14schlonecker_15schlonecker_16schlonecker_17schlonecker_18