Megan & Owen

The morning I spent with Megan and Owen didn't necessarily go as planned. It all started when we pulled into the location where we decided to meet only to find the gate close and locked. Yes, we were up early - but it never crossed my mind that we'd be too early for the park to open! So, graciously, Owen and Megan followed me to our super secret location plan B. I was taking a risk in taking a new client to place I had never shot before but we got SO lucky! I had driven by this empty field for several months trying to figure out when I could sneak around to take some photos. When Megan and Owen told me they were willing, I jumped at the chance. I couldn't be more pleased with the result in spite of our mishap earlier that morning. I was grateful to get to meet this sweet couple and I'm excited to share these photos with you!


Matt & Kayte | Engaged

I've already booked several weddings for this summer and fall but by far, the wedding I'm looking forward to the most is Matt & Kayte's wedding. No, I'm not the photographer because I'll be standing beside Kayte as she marries her best friend. Kayte is my sister-in-law. And before that, she was one of my best friends in college. One of the greatest gifts is to be able to not only call her a friend, but a sister. I got to take Kayte and Matt to one of my favorite locations on a beautiful spring evening for a quick session as the sun was setting. She makes a beautiful bride-t0-be and I'm thankful she's found a guy who can make her smile and laugh like you see in these photos. Here are a few of my favorites from the day. I love you, guys!kayte_matt_001 kayte_matt_010kayte_matt_002kayte_matt_003


Megan & Alex | Engaged

There's just something about photographing a couple who's relationship I have witnessed from the beginning. I met Megan during my days working in college ministry at University of Delaware. I had lunch with Megan every week for 2 years and Alex was often subject of our conversations. I watched Megan and Alex grow in their love for God and their love for each other. I was honored to be asked to take their engagement photos and I'm excited to not only attend by assist in taking their photos on their wedding day as well. Megan consistently jokes about being a "Mini-Katie." She jokes about wanting to be like me when she "grows up" - which is one of the biggest compliments one could get :). I love you, Megan, and I'm so thankful to have been your friend the last several years and I'm so happy for you and Alex! Can't wait for May! RM_01RM_02RM_03RM_04RM_05RM_06RM_07RM_08RM_09RM_10RM_11RM_12RM_13RM_14RM_15RM_16RM_17RM_18