The Richwine Family

It's hard to top a photo shoot experience with dear friends who have one of the cutest kids in the world. Take this session, for example. Paula and Adam are some our closest friends and we've been able share lots of life experiences with them in the last few years. Its not uncommon for weeknight dinners to be spent with "Unca Dabum, Aunt Ra Ra and Eeeym" as my 3-year-old used to call them.  Paula is also a super talented photographer in the area and we often work together for weddings. I couldn't ask for a better friendship that doubles as a working relationship. We work in sync with little effort and have a blast doing projects together. I think it's safe to say that I've been to more weddings with Paula than I have with my husband :). This particular morning was cold. Really, really cold. But the Richwines, including 2-year-old Elim, braved the brisk winds and low temps and managed to look like they were having fun.


Ashley & Josh | Engaged

This past summer I had the awesome opportunity to photograph (in stealth paparazzi fashion) the proposal of Ashley & Josh. Josh and I (well, mostly Josh) worked together to pull off the sweetest proposal. I found the perfect hiding spot and got to witness the whole thing! Ashley didn't have a clue I was there but she was so excited to see me pop out of the weeds. Then, this past fall, we went back to the place it all happened and took their engagement photos. We had am absolutely beautiful afternoon. This has quickly become one of my favorite spots to take photos! I am really looking forward to photographing their wedding next year!


KHC is updated!

Welcome to my new blog! 2013 was a fantastic year that brought new clients, and many returning customers for the second or third time! I am so thankful for those of you that have trusted me to capture memories of your family and allow me to document significant milestones and changes in your lives. I hope you return often to this blog for the most recent work I've been able to capture! I hope to book a session with you soon! Here' are a couple favorite shots from one of my most recent photo sessions with the Baileys. :) Love this family. tester1