It is my desire to put any new parent (or seasoned parent with a new addition) at ease when it comes to their newborn photo session. My approach is newborn-led posing in the comfort of your own home–I don't put babies in any folded up poses with strange props. I don't rely on a sleeping baby to make the session a success–requiring a baby sleep only puts unnecessary pressure on me and the client. I get big brothers and sisters involved so they don't feel left out–they aren't the center of attention anymore but they sure are important and moments between siblings are precious! I shoot as much as I can in a short amount of time so life can go back to normal as soon as possible–anything longer than about 90 minutes just wears on tired parents and over stimulated infants.

The first few weeks of your life with a newborn are filled with so much change and emotion that I desire to make sessions with newborns simple and calm (or as calm as I can manage with older siblings who have more energy than us all). Sessions are held the client's home, utilizing light-filled spaces and I give prompts and direction to inspire connection with you and your baby. I will always love a session with some real-life injected into it. So, if its time for a diaper change or if big brother insists on wearing his super hero cape, then...we make it work. This new relationship deserves documenting and a newborn session is the perfect way to always have something to look back since they go by in a flash. Newborn details are important and a typical gallery will consist of some often overlooked featured that will begin to change every day.