Over the years, I've found that the moments captured in a photograph that sit between life's significant milestones are actually the ones that stop me in my tracks the most. Looking back on photos I've taken of my own kids in the mundane of the everyday (hugging in the light of the front door above) I realize it's the simple moments that leave our minds eye more quickly than the big milestones like birthdays, holidays, and graduations. Those simple moments end as fast as they come and that realization pushed me to design these sessions for my clients. Real life is messy and loud and unorganized..but it's also beautiful.

Lifestyle sessions like the ones below reflect the books that you read to your kids...until you stop. They reflect the love they have for a certain blanket or stuffed animal...until they don't anymore. The reflect the constant desire to "help" in the kitchen or with the laundry. They reflect how they fit on your lap...until they don't anymore. And after all those things change, you'll be left with images that stop time and remind you of those special, insignificant yet beautiful moments.